Poder de tres

Acoustic music with soulful sensibility


Hannah Iris

My Love for Music began in primary school when I learnt piano. I then earned a scholarship in cello at secondary school. Whilst at school I achieved A level GCSEs in music, drama and dance. Also while studying my GCSEs I got my first professional job in the mercury theatre pantomime junior chorus at the age of 15. I then went to study a musical theatre diploma at Colchester institute and continued my studies there where I earned a BA (hons) degree in musical theatre. Whilst studying my degree I began a solo singing career as a 1940's vocalist, under the stage name Hannah Iris. After a year of being a sololist I decided to create a 1940's trio called the Knightingales, who I currently still sing with today. Covering songs by the Andrews sisters as well as some modern songs with a vintage twist, arranged by the amazing Postmodern Jukebox. Since graduating I have also began singing with an ABBA Tribute act under the name of "Abbas voulez vous", Attending many children's party's as many different Disney princesses for one wish entertainment, teaching singing at theatre train Colchester, recording many radio jingles for sonic boom. Most recently I was cast as Cinderella for a touring pantomime with shooting star entertainments and also had my first 10 seconds of fame in recent film Florence foster Jenkins!

It's a pleasure to have Hannah work with Poder de Tres and be sure to look out for her guest appearances with us!